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Save the Date | February 22 - March 22, 2021

The LEAD Conference will take place virtually beginning February 22nd through March 22nd, 2021. Stay tuned in January 2021 for more details. 

The LEAD Conference primarily supports 2nd year students of color at Colorado State University in the development of knowledge and skills geared towards identity development, professional development, leadership development, and career readiness. The LEAD Conference creates an environment that allows students of color to unpack what professionalism means in a system not designed for everyone and includes reflection on Leading, Empowering, Advancing, and Determining their futures as their authentic selves.

How do we do this?

  • Keynote speakers
  • Small group discussions
  • Networking reception & debrief
  • Workshops

In alignment with the Colorado State University Principles of Community, the LEAD Conference is a catalyst for students of color to engage with community leaders, career professionals, and CSU alumni while honoring how their multiple social identities (age, gender identity, race, sexual and romantic orientations, physical or mental disability, ethnicity, documentation status) and perspectives impact the way they experience the world.

We believe that CSU students have diverse identities, perspectives, and skills that build better companies by fueling innovation and connecting companies to the communities they serve.

2021 Planning Committee

Alexis Gomez (she/hers) 

El Centro 

Angelica Murray Olsen (she/hers) 
Women Gender & Advocacy Center 
Courtney Conrad (she/hers)  
Year 2 @ CSU 
Emerald Green (she/hers)  
Black/African American Cultural Center 
Kalyn Bonn (she/hers)  
Asian Pacific American Cultural Center 



Mel Lafferty (she/hers) 
Student Disability Center
Miel McCarthy (she/hers) 
Community for Excellence  
Mo Moreira (she/hers) 
Pedro Ramos (he/him) 
Pride Resource Center  
Tifanni Kelly (she/hers)  
Native American Cultural Center